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About the Colibra brand

Colibra was founded in 1978. We have been manufacturing handmade jewellery in Poland for over 43 years. Our manufacturing plant is located in Pruszków, near Warsaw.

We only use a skin-friendly jewellery alloy that is free of nickel, lead and cadmium in our production process. Each product is covered with a layer of premium materials such as 24-karat gold, silver or ruthenium. Our jewellery is decorated with the world-famous Swarovski and Preciosa crystals. By using the electrophoresis technique, we can protect the jewellery from abrasion, thus preserving its beautiful appearance for a long time.

We offer thousands of products in various designs and colours. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of our brand is the handmade production in Poland, which allows us to tailor our offer to the expectations of each customer. We also have our own galvanising plant, PVD and a laser.


Handmade production stages












Cooperation in the production of designer jewellery

We create original jewellery collections for fashion brands, public figures and social media celebrities. In 2021, thanks to cooperation with a Polish perfume manufacturer, we enriched our business offer with the option to produce designer perfume fragrances with hand-carved labels, decorated with crystals.

Our offer also include promotional products, business gifts with logos, souvenirs and statuettes. Each offer is prepared on an individual basis, based on the customer’s needs and budget assumptions.

Designer products for companies:

  • Employee incentive programmes and jubilee awards.
  • Rewards as part of customer loyalty programmes and competitions.
  • Gifts for Business Partners.
  • Medals, statuettes, souvenirs.


Jewellery care

We have prepared a few simple rules for the everyday use of your jewellery to preserve its beauty for as long as possible. Even the slightest moisture has a negative impact on artificial jewellery. Keep your artificial jewellery out of water, fluids of any kind and detergents. Also be careful with everyday cosmetics such as hairspray, deodorants and perfumes because of the alcohol they contain which can make your jewellery blacken and lose its shine.

It’s important to take off jewellery before going to sleep and during care treatments, makeup, sport activities or domestic duties. This will not only prevent abrasion and soiling, but also unintentional damage.


  • Every product should have its own separate packaging, preferably lined with a soft cloth.
  • You should not mix jewellery, especially if it is made of another precious or non-precious metal.
  • The product should not be wiped, as this may damage or abrade the precious metal coating.
  • Perfumes and other cosmetics should not be used immediately before or after wearing jewellery. This especially applies to alcohol-based products.


Quality guarantee

We are convinced of the high quality of our goods, therefore we provide a one-year warranty on all Colibra products. We ensure that, if properly stored and maintained, your jewellery will preserve its perfect appearance for a long time. We are one of the very few companies in Poland that manufactures all of its jewellery domestically. It is thanks to manual precision and the author’s formula of jewellery alloy made of carefully selected, skin-friendly raw materials that we achieve the highest quality.



Colibra Dystrybucja Sp. z o.o.

Świerkowa 14

05-800 Pruszków

NIP (Tax Identification Number): 5272811442


Telephone contact (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.): Tel.: +48 22 798 97 45

E-mail contact:



Dear All,

for years, we have had the pleasure of creating unique jewellery collections inspired by works of art, the biggest fashion shows and contemporary trends. To ensure the safety and comfort of the customers, we have developed a skin-friendly jewellery alloy formula that is free of nickel, lead and cadmium

Handmade production and attention to detail allow us to manufacture top quality jewellery appreciated for 43 years by our customers, both in Poland and abroad. We are consistently present on the global jewellery market, and our products represent an ever-increasing contribution to the artistic and technological level of the product commonly known as fashion jewellery.

We invite you to explore the product offer of the Colibra brand. In case of any questions, our team of professionals is at your disposal.


Yours faithfully,

Team Colibra


Presentation about the Colibra brand for download here - click

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